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Success Stories

marker-location Taiwan

EMQ is a global fintech company that enables businesses of every size to efficiently move money and deploy end-to-end financial services from anywhere in the world, leveraging our expansive global network.

To maintain its competitive edge, EMQ partnered with Nextway Technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of technology solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the global fintech market. This has enabled EMQ to offer a more user-friendly experience for its customers, execute transactions more efficiently and scale its operations to meet the ever-evolving demands of the fintech landscape.

marker-location UAE - Dubai

Talent-e is a company that aims to help talented individuals increase their visibility and generate business opportunities by providing them with personalized and expert social content.

Nextway Technology has revolutionized Talent-e's online presence with an ingenious technology solution. The solution is an all-encompassing masterpiece that features a host of clever components, ranging from back-end systems to self-onboarding programs, website and landing page development to CRM, email campaign management to advanced tracking and analytics, among others.

POC Pharma
marker-location Vietnam

Nextway Technology optimized the performance of POC Pharma's SAAS application on a critical remote location by leveraging their expertise and implementing effective strategies. The team utilized multiple technologies and infrastructure to deliver the optimal solution, optimizing the application's code and leveraging cloud-based technologies to reduce latency.

The successful outcome of this partnership is a testament to Nextway Technology's commitment to delivering exceptional results for their clients. By working closely with POC Pharma, Nextway Technology was able to deliver a solution that significantly improved the performance of their SAAS application on a critical remote location, driving business success and growth for POC Pharma.

marker-location Singapore

Deskimo is the ultimate workplace management software for modern businesses. With Deskimo's advanced technology and tools, you can effortlessly manage remote and on-site teams, streamlining your operations and boosting productivity. Currently available in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UAE, and Malaysia.

Nextway Technology has provided Deskimo with a comprehensive technology solution, which includes multiple components such as mobile apps, back ends, SaaS solutions, hardware integrations, self-onboarding programs, website and landing pages, CRM, email campaign management, tracking and analytics, and more. Together with Deskimo's innovative approach, businesses can enjoy an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing workflows, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Nguyen Kim
marker-location Vietnam

Nguyen Kim, one of Vietnam's premier ecommerce sites, garners over 4 million monthly visits.

With Nextway's assistance, the ecommerce platform underwent a major transformation through the reconstruction of critical components, resulting in an impressive 80% reduction in loading times and a remarkable 99.99% improvement in availability. Furthermore, Nextway contributed to the implementation of new features, which significantly increased basket size and conversion rates, further solidifying Nguyen Kim's position as a leader in the Vietnamese ecommerce market.

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We were impressed with Nextway Technology's expertise and dedication when we engaged them to build Talent-e, our platform to help people power up their LinkedIn game. Their team of designers and developers worked closely with us to create an intuitive and visually stunning platform that stands out in today's digital world. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make an impact online.
Leonard Canitrot, Founder, Talent-e
Unifonic’s business greatly benefited from the development services provided by Nextway Technology. Their team of skilled professionals assisted us in creating an advanced messaging platform that enhanced our internal communication and customer service. Their exceptional professionalism and attention to detail were particularly noteworthy and appreciated.
Reece O'Connor, Performance Marketing Manager, Unifonic
Our experience working with Nextway has been nothing short of amazing. From the outset, their team has been incredibly responsive and available whenever we needed them. Their expertise and knowledge have been invaluable in simplifying what used to be a complex and challenging process. We were initially recommended to them by a friend, and we were not disappointed. After one project with Nextway team, we kept coming back to them for more projects because I know I can rely on them and trust them. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a partner who truly cares about their success."
Iryna Nestsiarovich, Manager, Chabad
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